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custom Jewelry Sherman Oaks

custom Jewelry Sherman Oaks

Tips For Purchasing Jewelry In Sherman Oaks

Purchasing custom jewelry in Sherman Oaks without any experience can be daunting. But with a little research and preparation, you will be able to find jewelry that will put a smile on your face. According to studies, 33 percent of women ask for jewelry during festive and holiday periods. Also, 20 percent of people that give gifts tend to buy jewelry.

Purchasing a piece of jewelry such as diamond can sometimes be a completed process for people that are less informed. There are factors to put into consideration when purchasing jewelry in Sherman Oaks including the zeros on the price tag of the jewelry. Not knowing where to start is one common problem a lot of jewelry shoppers face. The tips provided in this article will guide you when shopping for custom jewelry in Sherman Oaks. Listed below are some of the tips.

Opt for Silver

A lot of people love to go for gold jewelry and not for silver, but what is trending these days is silver. This is because the price of gold is on the high side. When shopping for jewelry, look for products that are marked sterling silver (usually 92% silver). If you are going for gold, then consider going for a low karat quality. Twenty-four-karat gold is pure gold (24k), but you can also find eighteen karat gold that is 75% gold (18k), fourteen karat gold which is 58% gold (14k), and ten karat gold which is 58% gold (10k). A balance of price and color that is usually considered the best is eighteen karat gold (18k).

Whenever you are buying gold jewelry Sherman Oaks, ensure that the karat weight is clearly stated on the product. Also find out who the manufacturer is, this will be revealed in a little tag attached to the product. Make sure you don’t purchase a piece of gold jewelry at a swap meet, out of a car’s trunk or any other place apart from a reputable jeweler.

Consider Pearls

Pearls are an affordable and classic option. There are basically three types of pearls: imitation, cultured, and natural. Forget about native pearls because they are very difficult to find. They barely even exist, if you eventually find one, it would not be worth its exorbitant cost. The most affordable option you have is imitation pearls, but since it is custom costume jewelry, what you should go for is cultured.

The bigger the pearls, the more expensive it will be. Go for a shiny surface that has much depth, also, avoid cloudy and dull-looking pearls. But make sure you buy pearls from a custom jeweler that is trustworthy.

Examine the Gem

Precious stones never fade away, but you have to be very careful when purchasing one so you don’t end up buying the wrong one. There are also three categories of gems: the natural gem (which is dug out from the ground), synthetic (made in the lab), and the imitation (made in China). Synthetic gems are much cheaper because they are readily available. So it is very important you examine the gem before buying, so you will know the quality you are buying.

custom Jewelry Sherman Oaks
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custom Jewelry Sherman Oaks
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