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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charleston

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charleston

The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, has made filing a claim easy for hundreds of car accident victims. While our clients focus on finding their feet back after an accident, our motorcycle accident lawyer in Charleston gathers evidence, compiles treatment records, and negotiates a fair settlement for their injuries with the insurance adjusters.

How to prove negligence in motorcycle accidents?

There are four core elements to prove in a negligence claim. Firstly, you must show how the law requires the other driver to be reasonably careful when riding or driving. Secondly, you must prove that the defendant was reckless or acted irresponsibly.

Thirdly, the law requires the car accident victims to prove that the defendant's conduct caused their injuries. Lastly, your auto accident injury lawyer needs to show how the defendant's negligence led to you getting hurt in a car wreck. If the motorcyclist does not get hurt or suffer any losses, they cannot recover any compensation.

Tips for a successful injury claim negotiation

You want to deal with the insurance adjuster in a calm, composed, and stress-free manner to ensure a smooth negotiation process. Here's how to ensure a successful injury claim negotiation:

  1. Be organized - If you have a conversation with the adjuster, note down everything they say and maintain a copy of everything you send to them.
  2. Be patient - Prepare to wait for several days, weeks, or even months before you can receive a satisfying settlement from the at-fault party. It will take some time to get your medical and income records. However, that should not cause you to settle your claim in a hurry. Do not jump at the first offer you receive from the at-fault party's attorney. Once the adjuster knows you are impatient, they will quote the lowest settlement offer and may not increase it further.
  3. Be persistent - Persistence is the key to getting the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. You do not want to pester the insurance adjuster by calling them too frequently. You want to let the adjuster know that you are out there waiting vigilantly for your settlement.

Be calm and straightforward during your conversations with the adjuster, and refrain from getting into a personal battle with them. Hire an experienced car accident lawyer to handle the insurance adjuster and handle your negotiations. They know the best ways of dealing with the insurance companies and can protect your rights and interests while securing a hefty compensation for your injuries from the at-fault party.

Who's at fault for a motorcycle accident?

When an individual behaves thoughtlessly or carelessly, causing injuries to others, the law considers them negligent. In most motorcycle accidents, the driver of another car or truck becomes the negligent party. In rare cases, the motorcycle rider becomes the negligent one. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to determine the at-fault parties in your case.

Call us at 843-300-7600 to book a consultation with our motorcycle accident lawyer in Charleston. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC is a renowned attorney office with several positive reviews, an experienced and dedicated attorney, and a successful track record. Do not let the insurance adjuster take you for granted. Get in touch with us to receive reasonable compensation from the at-fault party.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charleston

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